Promote the development of the Chilean Blue Economy  in strategic sectors linked to the ocean, transforming the acquired knowledge into Technological Services and Applied R&D, generating new and innovative business opportunities.



Become a national and international leader in marine renewable energies promotion in Latin America, through the development of innovative solutions for the industry.


After decades of research, marine energy has made its way worldwide, because it is a natural and inexhaustible resource, permanently and continuously available. It does not produce emissions or wastes that impact the environment.  Due to their compact configuration, marine energy converters propose alternative solutions for energy supply in isolated areas. In addition, its great potential to desalinate, would allow to partially solve the current water shortage.

Chile has attracted the attention of promoters of this type of energy, due to its powerful and consistent waves, high-velocity currents generated by the tides, and privileged offshore wind resource along its extensive coastal line. To address this opportunity, in 2015, the companies DCNS of France (today Naval Group) and Enel Green Power of Italy joined forces to create the company Energía Marina SpA.

That same year, Corfp and the Ministry of energy made global call to create the first Center for Research and Innovation in Marine Energy. This is how the Marine Energy Research & Innovation Center MERIC was born, in conjunction with two Chilean prestigious universities: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Austral de Chile. The central objective is to turn Chile into a local and global benchmark for marine energy , accelerating the insertion of these technologies in the country, transforming the acquired knowledge into frontier technological services, creating business opportunities.


Directive Team

Gloria Maldonado

Directora Ejecutiva

Sebastián Rojas

Gerente de Finanzas y Operaciones

Professional Team

Bárbara Parragué

Jefa de Proyecto Open Sea Lab

Marcos Di Iorio

Jefe de Proyectos

Nathalie Amonacid

Coordinadora I+D / EMMAP

Yasna Saravia

Marketing y Comunicaciones

R&D Professional Team

Felipe Lucero

Ingeniero de Investigación

Jaime Cortés

Ingeniero de Investigación

Leslie Daille

Profesional de Investigación

Nicole Osiadacz

Buzo de Investigación

Katty Donoso

Profesional de Investigación

Natalia Aziares

Ingeniera de Investigación

Operations Team

Julien Rebuffaud

Coordinador de Finanzas y Operaciones

Maitena Perez

Profesional de Finanzas y Operaciones

MªLorena Muñoz

Asistente de Finanzas y Operaciones

Paz Garcia

Asistente de Finanzas y Operaciones


James L. Stancampiano

CEO Enel Generación Chile

Alain Cursat

Director de Naval Group en Chile

Hersilie Lepine

Directora Financiera Naval Energies

Jean-Yves Battesti

CEO Naval Energies